Our Brand

Eleet Golf is a golf towel brand which was created to showcase fun, unique and creative products that add flair and style to your bag. Gone are the days of old rags for towels. Now is the time for cool prints and funky patterns.


About the Owners

Eleet Golf was created in May 2022 by Mitch Lee and Kelsey Chow from Victoria, BC.

Mitch grew up playing junior golf in Victoria. He is now a high school business teacher and golf coach of the Mount Douglas Rams. Mitch would define himself as a "range rat" by nature and loves to practice as much as he can. Mitch's love for golf has become a total obsession. You will find him on the course or at the range at any free moment he has.

Kelsey picked up golf a little bit later in her life. As a softball player growing up, Kelsey was quick to transition her swing mechanics to golf. Like most golfers, Kelsey is always trying to fix the everlasting slice. Kelsey loves to get outside especially in the sunny weather. She is best known for her priceless expressions when she hits a good shot!

The owners, Kelsey Chow and Mitchell Lee

Why Eleet?

The word 'elite' is a word that Mitch likes to say when he feels something is extremely high quality. "That is ELEEEEET!" It is also a play on word with Mitch's last name, Lee.